Are you ready to go to a dance competition or performance? Have you checked your items? What things you must have with you? If these are the questions you are looking for the answers then don’t worry this essential guide is all about the must-have things you keep with you whenever going for any dance event or audition. Most of the time dancers are in a hurry and chances are they forget to keep these extra things with them.
If you are one of them keep in mind that these are must things to keep with you. So, let’s take a look at the items you must pack before leaving and say cheers to perform the best.

Extra Shoes

Each dance type needs a specific dressing and shoes to perform. It’s a nice idea to keep extra shoes with you for the different types of dance. There are different types of shoes for different types of dance like ballroom dance shoes, tap dance shoes, dance sneakers, foot thongs, and others. If you are going to perform the ballet dance then choose the ballet dance shoes, these shoes are made with a soft material like leather, canvas, or satin with leather soles. These kinds of shoes provide more flexibility to your feet while performing.

Extra Clothing

Keep some extra clothing with you because in auditions and performances you need to wait a lot and sometimes you need to perform multiple performances. So if accidentally you spoil your dress you can change the dress or if there is a lot of sweating then you must need to change your dress. Keep different material dresses with you because you don’t know about the atmosphere of the venue and it’s a good move to dress up according to the temperature.

Accessories/Hygienic Products

Keep some extra accessories and inner wears in your bag. These accessories must include the hairbrush to dress up your tangled hair, hair spray to hold your hairstyle, and some extra hair catchers. It’s also good to keep some cosmetics, deodorants, wipes, mouth fresheners, and sanitizers with you and don’t forget to bring a hand towel with you.


You need to stay hydrated and need energy during the time of performance waiting. Keep a small water bottle with you and never go dehydrated. For quick energy bring some easy to carry protein and granola bars and some snacks with you. Bringing snacks to mean if you have hunger pangs and not know where to find a place to eat and what to eat you have something with you. By doing that you don’t only save your time but also these are not heavy on your pocket. Keep some extra snacks to make new friends and pass them on with your fellows.

Before coming to the dance floor be prepared and rehearsal well to perform at your best. Try to stay motivated and enhance your moves to cheer up the audience. Pack all the things in your bag and just focus on your appearance and performance and do your best. Your personality means a lot so dress well and if needed change your dress, shoes, and accessories according to the theme and atmosphere.