How Dance Monkey Took over the World

How Dance Monkey Took over the World

Dance Monkey is written by an Australian artist, as a busker, Tones and I (Toni Watson).
She used to perform at Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia. Tones was working in a clothing store in Melbourne before pursuing busking as a full-time job or you can say her passion. It took her a while to get a permit to perform on the streets.

Dance Monkey is about Tones busking Experience

Toni Watson used to upload her songs on YouTube when she was 16 but she started to get success when she became a busker. The song Dance Monkey was not initially written for radio but was written to perform on the streets of Byron Bay.
Tones and I started busking in early 2018. She loved the freedom of busking. 
She got bullied by random people on the streets while she performs. That made her frustrated and motivated her to write the song.

She told Diffus. “One person ran past and stole my money, and another was drunk and tried to lean over and play my keyboard. The crowd was very drunk and rowdy. I said, ‘I’m sorry, but this is it.’ They tried to get me to keep playing, then they started booing me, and I was so frustrated because it showed me how people didn’t have much patience anymore.”

Her song Dance Monkey is about her experience in busking. The lyrics of the song are reflecting about the cons of busking. An interesting fact is that Tones wrote the song Dance Monkey in not more than 30 minutes.  
Tones said that:
“The lyrics are all things people have said to me while I was busking,”

Dance Monkey was one of the songs Tones and I performed on the streets.
Jackson Walkden-Brown saw her performance and was amazed by her singing, he gave her his business card. And through him, she got introduced to the music industry. Jackson Walkden-Brown became her manager.

The theme of Dance Monkey

The song is Directed by Liam Kelly and Nick Kozakis
In the theme of the video, an old man (Tones) sneaks out of his house, to have fun and Dance with his elderly friends at a golf course. Although the theme of the video has nothing to do with the song, however, Tones wanted it to be less personal.

How Dance Monkey took over the world

Tones and I was nominated for eight awards in the ARIA Music Awards of 2019 and won four awards.
The song got (1.7 billion views on YouTube), Became the No.1 song in 20 countries.
Dance Monkey stayed on top for weeks in more than 18 countries, After it was released. It became one of the top songs solely written by a woman in eight years.
In the UK it stayed on No.1 on the charts for 11 weeks. It broke the record of most weeks on no.1, previously held by Ed Sheeran.
It also became the Most shazamed song ever since it was released. According to Guinness Book, It identified more than 36.6 million times. 
It became a third on the list in most-streamed songs on Spotify.

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