Who topped the best dance chart this year and who dropped down in the list of the top 10 dance celebrities in 2017. The party poppers with an elastic body when shaking their bodies, the whole world dance with them. We had to choose diligently while dropping each dancer with his/her dancing significance in the industry.

Here is a rundown to show that how we have managed this list according to their dancing abilities. We are not going to include Michael Jackson on this list who already broke so many records before he rested on his death bed. However, the fan following is got significance even after he left this world. He made a staple of his dancing techniques throughout the globe and got fame not only for his magical dancing steps but also for his kind heart.


No one can groove her belly like Shakira, a Colombian-born dancing star has learned this magical moves since her early ages. She used to practice after her school and in one of her interview she said, “Dance depicts my personality and I love dancing with a good beat”. No one is uninformed of her dancing techniques since she has made her appearance in many ceremonies, from Olympic opening ceremonies to the FIFA World Cup OST video. Her activities on social media with her husband Pique goes viral every time and has got over 5 million search results on Google.


Her sensual body moves can drive anyone crazy. We believe that Beyonce has got a talent and beauty with brains. She is versatile and can move in a modern as well as hip hop music beat. She started her career in dancing with her crazy yet fierce dance moves in one of her videos. This iconic singer and dancer falls among the best entertainers for many shows. All of her moves seem to inevitably become iconic. She proved and set her name in the top 10 dance celebrities of the west.

Jennifer Lopez

A big screen sensation J. Lo is one of the most versatile artist in the Hollywood. She started off as an artist, getting her first huge break as a “Fly Girl” on In Living Color in the ’90s. She was additionally a reinforcement artist for New Kids on the Block and Janet Jackson, yet she more than stood her ground. There’s a reason she’s the star of Prince Royce’s “Back It Up.”

Selena Gomez

Selena has always found in hard times when it comes to her personal life. However, from Disney to big screen she shed her appearance in the best ever dance moves. We definitely drool over her belly dance moves on US Billboard Awards in Las Vegas where she set the pulses raised by her mesmerizing performance. We believe that Selena has got all the instincts to go us crazy on her dance moves.


She can turn a music video into a dancing tutorial for the dance lovers. This lady with her ultimate sleek posture shakes like a Junior Michael Jackson. We have seen tremendous and breathtaking roles in different shows where she proved herself untouchable. Truly. Simply watch her body rolls and her fluctuation from twerking. She essentially conveys this music video on her dance moves alone.

Nicki Minaj

Her overwhelmed performance in Billboard Awards execution of her hit tune High School. The 30-year-old sex bomb turned up the raunch figure toward the finish of her seat as she got down and dutty on Lil Wayne for a lap dance. She has nasty classical moves and those have got X-Factor in her personality and we need to tell you that she is a solid entertainer.

Justin Bieber

Bieber can be seen almost in every part of this world and ranked in one of the top paid singers/dancers. Besides his singing flagship status, he has gained equal response for his grooving dancing moves that he showed on various stages. A multi-talented young boy Biebs may collect more consideration as of late for some of his faulty life decisions (like that Instagram — you know the one we’re discussing), however, the artist was initially found on YouTube before being encouraged. It demonstrates — Bieber has some unbelievably smooth moves. There’s a motivation behind why tween young ladies swoon over the really young looking brother.


We remember when Usher’s superhit song ‘Yeah’ hit the radio, it was played relentlessly. Everybody attempted to mimic the artist’s smooth cheesiness (additionally observe “U Don’t Have to Call”), yet nobody could even approach. He may have some new adversaries in the R&B world today, yet he’s the special case who imparted a phase to Michael Jackson — and didn’t get eclipsed.

Britney Spears

Being a Britney Spears fan has its hardships. All things considered, Brit has been on the scene since 1998. That is an entirely long time, and it’s been brimming with numerous highs and lows. This implies the fans who have stuck by the pop princess are exceptionally faithful. Her body is shaped like to dance, every step she takes it goes viral. She has exceptional and unique dancing moves techniques which she has always proved on every platform.

We listed the above celebrities according to their dance abilities. Though we know that we can’t get enough of these super dancing stars, however, it takes years to practice and dance like these magician dancers. This most noteworthy female artists list contains the most conspicuous and top ladies artists to have ever made something happens. We have more names of female dancers than males, as they can’t handle shaking their bumps and jiggly belly dance like females.

Female artists have endeavored to wind up distinctly as well as can be expected be, so in case you’re a young lady seeking to be an artist then these proficient dancers artists underneath ought to give you motivation.