The basic purpose of any dance competitions is to judge the abilities of a dancer in how they entertain the audience and find the new talent for the industry. The organizers all around the world arrange competitions among all ages and sex. There are different categories and styles of dance competitions like Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and a lot of other genres. The performers compete with others in different styles like solo, duets, and groups.

How they judge the winner?

All the performers gather in the competition venue and perform in front of the judges. The competitors appear in front of the judges and perform. Judges give scores to the performers according to their appearance, performances, moves, and control. They also provide their feedback to the performers and motivate them to perform better next time.

On the base of all judges score the participants awarded by the ranks like 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. In some competitions, they are awarded by the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and cups. A dancing competition helps to grow and polish your skills and there is a chance to become a star in the industry.

What to keep in mind while participating in a dance competition?

You need to improve your skills and moves and rehearsal a lot to be perfect. The dance competitions are fun to participate in. Always do your best and never think about you win or lose; there are a lot of things you learn from the other participants and judge comments.

  • It’s a game of inspiration, you learn a lot from other fellow competitors. If you found some won performing better than you, you need to be positive and think about your mistakes.
  • Your attitude matters a lot stay humble with the judges and other competitors during the sessions.
  • Competitions build good character. Learn to say congratulations to winners and show a positive attitude.
  • It doesn’t matter you win or lose, you make new friends and your social circle builds with good friends.
  • Make your appearance eye-catching, wear the proper dress according to the dance theme and use proper shoes and accessories.
  • Try to reach early on the venue so you can arrange all the settings and dress up for your performance.
  • Never forget to pack the essential things and accessories and bring them with you.
  • Bring some snacks and water with you.

When and where the World Dance Championship 2020?

The “World Dance Championship” is the largest dance competition event. The next event is going to start from the 28 July 2020 till 2 August 2020 among different categories at “Meadowlands Exposition Convention Center, New Jersey USA”. All the dance categories for performers are;

• Novice Petite / Novice Junior / Novice Teen / Novice Senior

• Advanced Teen

Advanced Senior

Intermediate Petite / Intermediate Senior / Advanced Grand Lines

Intermediate Teen / Advanced Junior

Intermediate Junior / Advanced Petite

Registration for the “World Dance Champppiiionship” will open on 8 June 2020. You need to enroll online and pay the competition fee. All the competitors served on a first-come, first-served basis.