Are you a dancer who is looking to get fit and take care of your body? As a dancer, you need to work hard for rehearsals to get the best results on the final dance performance. Most of the time dancers face different challenges during hectic daily routines. These routines make us over-stress and leave so many bad impacts on our lives.

To stay fit and avoid any risks of injuries and sickness, we should need to care about our health. We are going to introduce some of the best exercises and notorious ingredients that can help you to stay fit.

How to keep your body healthy by eating nutritious food?

The Dancer's Wellness Handbook: Keeping Your Body in Tune

Dance is not like athletics but it still needs more physical fitness than an athlete. As a dancer, you should need to make sure that you are consuming the required calories daily. According to nutritionists around the world, a female dancer needs 45-50 calories per body weight, and a male dancer needs 50-55 calories per body weight. So, if you are not getting these calories daily, you are at the risk of sickness.

As a dancer, you should need to stock up on those calories you burned during rehearsals and practices. Try to add some complex carbohydrates (pasta, rice, etc.) to your diet. It is suggested to drink some glucose-rich drinks or use supplements that help to boost your energy levels. Taking a carbohydrate-rich snack break is another good option for you.

Add vitamin and mineral-rich fruits and vegetables to your diet. Some other good things that you can add to your diet are whole grains, dairy products, protein, and lean meat.

Always Stay Hydrated

The Dancer's Wellness Handbook: Keeping Your Body in Tune

Never neglect the importance of water. during rehearsals, you sweat a lot and your body faces dehydration issues. Hydration is very important for any physical activity. Take some short water breaks during rehearsals and charge your body. You should need to drink simple water or some sports drinks and stay away from carbonated water and juice drinks during rehearsals. Water is the only thing that keeps your body hydrated all the time.

Don’t Forget to Warm-up Your Body

The Dancer's Wellness Handbook: Keeping Your Body in Tune

Warm-ups are very important before starting any kind of physical activity. You need to prepare and relax your muscles before performing any activity. Without warm-ups, you can face muscle tear issues and injuries during rehearsals. Some simple warm-up exercises like side stepping, on-spot jogging, arm swings, lunges, and squats are best for dancers.

After warm-ups try to lift weights that are good for muscle strength and also help to improve your posture. You can also perform pilates exercises to improve body strength, flexibility, and mental relaxation before starting rehearsals.

Rest and Relax

Rest is the most important thing after rehearsals. During rehearsals and dance practices your body muscles and mental attention are in continuous motion. So, it is important to relax your body and mind to avoid injuries and stress. It is recommended to take a break for sleep after rehearsals to boost your energy and memory, which helps to concentrate your body and mind to perform well.

Note: Don’t forget to rest and take a nap break before going to the stage for the final performance.


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