In modern day world, Watches become one of the necessary fitness gear that you should wear on your body. The most important thing is that they must match your lifestyle and how and when you choose to exercise or dance, as well as being comfortable and stylish.

However, we have come to know that most of the people don’t like to wear wristwatch fitness tracker but they prefer to wear wristband or some type of clip-on trackers.

If you are a dancer, you probably prefer such type of watch or fitness gear that helps to monitor your dance workouts. So, we have decided to put some light on those watches that have a feature of monitoring dance moves.

Today, we have found some of the best clip-on and wristband trackers that will definitely help you to monitor your dance workouts.

Fitbit Zip

The Fitbit is renowned for its brilliant little devices that are both stylish and useful. Like any other fitness tracker, it records your steps and calories. It is recognized for having a long battery life and is sweat- and waterproof, making it perfect for more demanding exercises.

This gadget is a clip-on track which is compact and lightweight, and it is available in a range of colors, including black, grey, and charcoal. It utilizes Bluetooth to establish wireless connections with a variety of electrical equipment, including iOS smartphones, laptops etc.

When you purchase a Fitbit device, you will have the opportunity to open a Fitbit account, which will enable you to set and monitor daily goals and receive rewards for accomplishing them.

In this exercise app, you will find yoga and dancing option and with the help of this, you are able to track your dance moves that will definitely help you in your dance practices and performance. It also enables you to evaluate how intense your dance routines are. So, if you are looking for best smartwatch for monitoring dance workouts, then you have to buy Fitbit Zip.

Fitbit Charge 3

The Fitbit charge 3 is one of the best fitness tracker for tracking your dance workouts. Along with its striking appearance, it has received updates like waterproofing, longer battery life, and a GPS connection, all of which make it even more attractive.

In this watch, you are able to track 15 different sporting activities including your dance workouts. Most of the modern dancers likes to wear this wristband watch that calculates the algorithm of your dancing moves and how much calories have you burned during your dance practice and performance.

If we talk about the outer appearance of this Fitbit, you’ll see a black or pink aluminum is used to make the band. However, you have the option to select either a black or blue-grey band or white-lavender band. In this watch, you can also set your daily routine of your exercise as it has an option of Fitbit coach that alarms you during your busy routine.

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Apple Smart Watch Series 8

Apple has introduced more interesting features in its series 8 smart watch in which you can also able to track or monitored your dance moves in the workout app including hip hop, Latin, Bollywood, and basic cardio dance, such as dancing around your room alone to your favorite music.

The Apple Watch will analyses the type of dance you’re performing using its built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, namely whether you’re moving your arms, legs, or both. This makes it possible for it to precisely measure how many calories you burn while busting moves.

Additionally, the Workout app now has additional monitoring features for cool-downs, functional strength training, and core training. This enables you to obtain an accurate picture of the number of calories you expend during an exercise that involves fewer or slower motions than jogging or bicycling.

Q: Which Watch is the Best to Monitor Dance Moves?

If you are looking for light weighted fitness gadget that can track the dance moves, you should go for Fitbit Zip because as mentioned earlier, it is a clip-on tracker that can track any type of activity which you are currently performing and has number of benefits. You can clip this tracker on your trousers or anywhere you find convenient.

If you want a stylish look watch that attracts others while you are performing dance on the stage, then you should have Fitbit Charge 3 watch because it has beautiful aluminum made bands that will definitely attracts most of the people and your wrist will look amazing during your dance. It gives you both the looks and monitoring of your dance when you are on the move of dancing.

If you are an Apple lover, then you have to buy this watch because I don’t have seen such type of watch that has this much features. It comes in a different range of colors that you can easily able to select one that suits your looks. For dancers, it is the best option as it provides you with number of different options to track your dance moves and also elaborates about how much calories you are burning during your dance practice.


Well, all the 3 smart devices have their own benefits but the one gadget which I like the most is Fitbit charge 3 because it has more complex options for dancers as it helps to navigate hoe much calories we are burning from which part of your body during dancing. So, if you are a dancer and you are looking to buy best watch for monitoring dance workouts, then you should buy Fitbit charge 3 because it will look amazing on your wrist and you’ll definitely love the features of this watch.

If you have any queries regarding to smartwatch or you are finding difficulty to select gadget which can monitor or tract your dance moves, you can ask in the comment section.