Top Dance Songs of all the Time

At any point in the complete day all of us urge and wish to turn on the earphones and plays the best dance songs. As it is a big source of enjoyment and pleasure. Following are the top dance songs of all the time. • Y.M.C.A. –•– The Village People • Night Fever –•– Bee […]


INTRODUCTION There is a strong connection between human body and dance, it is merely described as an art of body movement where a person indulges himself into it by being passionate with providing gestures and following the steps along with the beat of the music. This is what makes music so special, you become part […]

Top 10 dance types of the world

Dance is a major kind of art and skill that usually consist of movement of the figure, frequently rhythmic as well as with music. It is executed in several cultures as a type of emotional and passionate expression, societal communication, or workout, in a mystical or performance setting, as well as is occasionally used to […]