Dance is a series of steps that match with the rhythm of music. Approximately, everyone in this world dance in different style. Different traditions contain different dance to whom they called folk dance.

 Several types of dance styles include belly dance, couple dance, individual dance, theatrical dance diverse folk and hip-hop dance from around the world such as bhangra and samba.  

The question raise here if everyone can dance then who can be a good dancer? To be a best dancer, everyone need to follow some steps that are given below:


Everything need learning,. As concern to dance, it must be learned through proper classes. If someone understand he/she can be best dancer without taking classes, it’s totally wrong concept. Everyone took classes to become best in one thing.

The same thing with dancing, to be best firstly need to take classes. Nowadays, taking classes have easy as now one can take online classes also along with physical classes.

Furthermore, finding a best teacher for dance classes is also time consuming, but to achieve goals it is important, as some are definitely more qualified than others. One should approach different teacher and choose one among them.


Practice makes a man perfect

 One should adopt  habit  of practice daily. It does not matter how good one is in dancing, but practice makes things perfect. With the help of practice, one can be  best in dancing and compete anyone.

Some people understand that as they are getting classes, they don’t have any need to do practice. This is not true. Because you are taking dance classes, you need to practice more than others to make sure you hold of  everything you are learning.

One important thing for becoming a better dancer requires muscle memory. And muscle memory requires so much practice. Simply make some personal area for your practice, get mirror in it and practice in front of mirror. Don’t over think it.


One craziest way to improve dancing skills is to set up a high goal. Setting a high goal can help you to work hard in every situation. In this world, mostly those people get success who set their life goal. The craze to achieve your goal helps to practice hard.

For achieving high goals, firstly should participate in small competitions. Do dance in parties, night clubs or in weddings to show your skills to people. Always set high goals and then work hard on it.


After learning the mechanics of the steps and routines, you need to make sure you let your body “feel” the movements so that all the steps and styling are really etched into your muscle memory.

When someone practice or take classes, he/she does not want to be stuck in head, he/she needs to be in your body to hold on the dance moves and progress faster.

When you get it pretty good, play some music and try to feel your body moving with the music… This will also add joy to your dance.


Motivation is necessary to get success in any field. For dancing, motivation is an important part of journey towards success. Motivation leads towards success. Get motivation from others and believe in yourself.

For motivation use different mediums such as sit in successful dancers, watch best dancers  video on social media, read their success journey and focus on your goal. These things give motivation leads towards success.


 When someone wants to be a best dancer, he/she must have reason why he /she wants to be. If you really want to be a great, your mind should be occupied with dance and music. If your thoughts just about winning, instead of dancing, you must quit the dance.

All successful dancers were once beginners

Some more tips for getting success in dance:

• Be present

• Be mature

• Be aware

• Be focused

• Be confident

• Be resourceful


Although, dance is a natural phenomenon, but it is necessary to learn dance. Along with learning practice, goal, motivation etc are important things that one should adopt to be a successful dancer.