Music is an instrumental sound which consists on rhythm, harmony, expression of sound, and feelings. Music basically the written words which one sing to evoke the emotions of listener. Music elicit our body Harmon which helps us to be fresh.

Music play role as therapist since ancient times. Ancient philosophers used to listen music. It was famous writer Aristotle who said, music has the ability to heal. Research proved that music elicit emotional response in daily activities.

Music feel differently according to pitch, sound, rhythm and words. Music also hit differently when sound is low and high. Music develops according to region, society norms and conditions. However, music has the ability to communicate and express emotions to others.

What research says?

Researchers trying to find out the mechanism that how music helps to feel relax. Some other researcher trying to solve how music affects the brain cognition. There are so many studies on music portraying how music helps in catharsis.

Listening music is a healthy practice to release emotions. There are different psychological theories that explains how music helps in catharsis. Sigmund Freud a renowned psychologist is the first who gives this concept.

It is noted that when someone is in sad mood and listen sad music help them to release negative feelings. Anymore, if someone is in happy mood and listen happy music it helps to release positive emotions. The present day research trying to find why positive and negative feelings release when happy and sad song we listen.

Music helps people to convert their depression into relax mood. According to a research, people listen sad music when they are in depression and it helps them in catharsis. Although sad music evoke sadness yet this type of sadness gives pleasure.

Different people get relaxation by listening music differently. It can be dancing, crying, performing or remembering old memories. After the catharsis, it feels relax and satisfied. Music is one of the best way to catharsis.

Role of Music in Catharsis

Music plays an important role in our life as it explains our emotions. Many people consider music a way to get relaxation. Most of the time lyrics of the song hits you like that lyrics are just made to you. Lyrics hits sometime in happy mood and sometime in sad mood.

Sometime people start weeping during listening the sad song. It is natural phenomenon. Psychology proves that when someone get emotional and release tears into eyes it helps people in catharsis.

Psychology proves there are two kind of peak emotions: chills and tears. Different psychiatrists says during listening the music people evoke chill emotions. That’s why in psychology music called stimuli. During listening the music, if tears come then it’s a process of getting relaxation.

People not just feel better after listening the music also they get relaxation when watch videos related to song. Watching videos is another way to release emotions. It is up to person how one can get relax mood. But purpose of everyone is to do catharsis.

On the basis of evidences that we discussed above, one can say music is a best way for catharsis. It’s not modern time practice but it’s happening since Greek times. If someone wants to do catharsis, may music is the best way to him.