Dance Celebrities and their watches

Owning high end watches for celebrities is not a big deal since they earn quite a hefty amount of money for each project that they sign. However, there are few celebrities who are obsessed with expensive watches and have managed to stock up quite a collection of some of the best high end watches ever manufactured. The following list shows how dance celebrities are obsessed with expensive watches. For More information Rolex and other luxury watches visit this site and get more wonderful ideas for watches.

1. Usher

Usher is an outstanding singer but along with that he has quite a dancer as well. His dance moves have led him to earn a lot of fans over the years, especially his dance moves in one of his most popular music videos which he did with Pitbull. He is obsessed with Rolex in particular and owns a beautifully designed Rolex Milgauss which shows how dance celebrities are obsessed with expensive watches.

2. Beyonce

Beyonce, more famously known as Queen B by all of her fans, is another celebrity who loves expensive watches. Even though she is a singer by profession but her songs and her performances on stage include some of the best dance moves anyone has ever seen. She loves to dance and makes sure to incorporate it into her music videos and live shows. She puts in a lot of effort into her career which is why she reached this high point in her career and is sticking to the position and enjoying all the fame. Beyonce’s high end watch obsession makes it quite clear how dance celebrities are obsessed with expensive watches. She received a gorgeous Hublot Big Bang watch as a gift from her husband and the design on this watch is absolutely beautiful. It’s a combination of white and gold with numerous diamonds around the bezel of the watch.

However, this is not the end of her obsession with high end watches. If you are wondering how exactly someone can spend so much on a watch, then Beyonce can answer the question of how dance celebrities are obsessed with expensive watches. She got her husband the world’s most expensive watch ever to be designed and manufactured which is by Hublot. The entire watch is covered with diamonds and costs an unbelievable $5 million.

3. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, commonly known as JLo earned a lot of popularity over the years due to her singing career but then she went on ahead to incorporate her dance skills on stage while performing and even incorporated them in her music videos. Not just that, but she also got the opportunity to star in some outstanding movies alongside few of the best actors. She has her share of expensive watches in her collection but her obsession with high end watches is quite visible when you see that she went on ahead to go through the trouble of introducing a collection of watches under her name. This watch collection of her has a lot of gorgeous pieces and her personality and style is quite reflective with these watches that have been designed by her.