They just had a month to demonstrate their bravery, so Monday’s finale of Dancing with the Stars: Athletes was especially vital for finalists Adam Rippon, Josh Norman as well as Tonya Harding. Every dancer needed to perform two dances, few of which earned perfect 30s while Rippon’s free-form execution had Judge Carrie Ann Inaba feeling like “I was omitted something.”

Did the unique number victimize the Olympic medalist, who was consistently viewed as the top pick, of the Mirror Ball Trophy?

Not a chance. No chance, no how.

Rippon satisfied desires by winning the Mirror Ball Trophy. How could he feel? Who knows? The one hour indicates needed to end before have Tom Bergeron got a triumph quote.

It was a quick and very tiring night for the entertainers because every one of the finalists needed to perform two dances.

Harding and her accomplice Sasha Farber started with a Viennese waltz that had Judge Bruno Tonioli said, “You dance as though a weight has been disappearing from your heart” while Len Goodman said she performed with “class and modernity.” Her second dance was an ’80s themed free form to the tune of “I Will Survive” that included bunches of cartwheels for the ex-skater. “I was here to demonstrate that I have a place here,” Harding said. It worked: Her dance received a 30.

After announcing in the practice sessions that it’s been weird to be “without shirt time after time for millions to see or perceive,” Josh Norman danced ballet with Sharna Burgess that earned a 27 previous, ahem, he took his shirt off for a free-form number that resembled a huge NFL calisthenics. “It is doubtful you are the runner-up in this last,” Goodman said. “I adore its entire dramatization, the energy you put in it. It was incredible.” Norman likewise earned a 30.

Rippon’s first jazz hit the dance floor with Jenna Johnson got the crowd on their feet for applause, with Inaba calling them the “ponder twins of dance.” It earned a 30. At that point, Rippon, as well as Johnson, played out an odd, Asian techno independent number that had Inaba saying, “I had an inclination that I was missing something.” Still, it earned a liberal 28 and at last prompted his win.