We all have different body shapes and each one of us try to fit into the best and represent ourselves as an icon which we idealize and make it an out of an ordinary or usual look. If not all but most dancers have a lean and strong body structure. Their bodies are toned and have perfect curves. They are the athletic dancers and how they easily maintain their body is due to their simple routine workout. Mostly dancers use supplements for body muscles. DBULK by brutal force is one of the famous supplement for dancers.

Yoga and Pilates are among the listed exercises which help to prevent the excess fat and give lean, long body muscles and flexibility. To have a regular routine is must and follow a certain pattern of yoga exercises. First of all, you need to have space where you’re comfortable and convenient to practice. A yoga mat or needed accessories, choose which exercise pattern to follow.

1- Bhujangasana is one of the cobras styled exercise to extend your muscles and let you feel comfortable. Doing the exercise for the sake of the body is one thing but entirely enjoying is different, one can’t achieve the level of perfection if he/she is not entirely loving his self and enjoys what he/she does. Meanwhile, a little initial back pain may be felt during this exercise due to exertion on the spinal cord and lover handle. However, this reduces the excess fat and help to increase metabolism and keeping the body fit and in shape. It’s better to keep your belly light and must have had food five to six hours before you try this yoga at home. Fix a time, whether it is morning or evening home sessions. Way to do this exercise is to lie straight on your belly and exert a force on your both hands, fingers widespread, knees should be kept off the ground and toes should be on the parallel ground level. This a cobra pose must be kept in mind how much flexibility it requires.

2- Halasana is another yoga exercise helps to increase the goodness and brings the flexibility. It is named after a king discovered a baby girl while plowing fields and named him Sita. This is another beneficial exercise. The benefits involve that it makes your mind relax and anxiety less intense. This is one of the calming remedies to overcome the increasing stress in our lives. This is also known as the plow pose. Stretch your lower back and pull the legs overhead and the toes must touch the ground. The kneecap should be kept high and interlaced fingers, hand placed flatly on the ground and the focus should be on the navel.

3- Aerobics is another way to keep you fit and toned. It is without oxygen exercise; you have to have either swimming, heavy weight lifting or walking depending on your body shape and type. It makes you quickly out of breath. Swimming is a lot more beneficial. It makes the heart muscles strong, lower risk of blood pressure, slows down aging and good for asthma.

4- Resistance exercise is another major exercise which we shouldn’t miss out. Keeping in mind that these exercises better be carried out in order. Do not tire yourself by trying these all in the first month. Make a list of what suits you the best and see the result over every fourth week. Resistance is said to make strong skeleton muscles, not the involuntary muscles of the heart to make the body more toned. This increases the mass of muscles.

1. Body weight exercises, this involves the contraction and make the muscles grow e.g., by crunches, squats etc.

2. Free weights,

a. Hammer curls make your bicep stronger and in shape. Regular exercising would make them stronger.

b. Leg lowering and crunches will give you perfect belly cuts and the abs for summers.

c. Scissor kick is definitely the most effective and has a tremendous effect on lower belly.

Nutrition also needs to be considered and full of rich diet and fruits. It helps to repair torn muscles and give glowing effect in the long-term. Keeping the body hydrated, drink a lot of water. Include fruits and milk in your routine.