Hip-Hop Pole (Beg. Pole)

22:35 12 June in Calendar

It’s a pole class with Hip Hop flavor. A really fun, high energy, dance class. This class focuses on simple choreography, just like a hip hop dance class would. You will learn a new routine every week and we use the pole as a prop!...

Rock & Strip (Beg. Pole)

22:34 12 June in Calendar

Rock lovers ONLY!! This high energy class is for you if are looking for an alternative way to rock out and strip your way into those skinny jeans this is the work-out for you. Join us as we transform our lovely studio into a rock...

Pole Seduction (Beg. Pole)

22:33 12 June in Calendar

Discover the art of seduction while experiencing an anaerobic exercise. Who knew candlelight, sensual music, and a pole could evoke such a sexy sweat! Learn a new pole routine every week while revisiting pole dance basics, and learn a new way to do some old...

Stripperella (dance fitness/non-pole)

22:31 12 June in Calendar

Become a goddess through strong, sexy choreography that will help you subdue your object of your affection and enslave their hearts. Take plenty of prisoners by unleashing your inner confidence and letting out that sexy goddess who kicks ass and takes names with steamy routines...